I’m very excited about this post, for several reasons. First, I get to feature one of my very best friend’s in the whole wide world, Amanda Wright. Amanda has been my BFF for over 18 years and counting. She is a brilliant accountant, loving wife, doting mother, and a loyal friend. She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders since we met at Temple University. She’s supported the blog and the brand from day one. She’s also the queen of coordination. She love’s to style her whole family in the cutest ensembles no matter how much her husband protest and he’s been known to protest…lol Second I’m doing my part to shade light on a very important topic; size inclusion in fashion.


Amanda and I have a passion for fashion, but we noticed something very unsettling in the fashion world (ready to wear and luxury) a long time ago, designer/brands don’t make cute clothes in EVERY size….

Here are the facts most American women wear between a size 14-16. However many ready to wear brands only carry sizes 0-12; more often than not they stop at a size 8.  And when they do include larger sizes the styles leave much to be desired. “HOW SWAY??” I need answers. So we’ll be doing a series of looks, twining and winning, in brands that celebrate women of all sizes and most importantly carry the average women’s size, #makemysize #makeoursize.


We’re sporting a golden polka dot midi-dress from Old Navy. It wasn’t easy finding something in both our sizes (FYI I’m a size 4 and Amanda is a size 14), that we both liked and was affordable all at the same dang time. Finding something affordable wasn’t  optional. We have six kids between us, needless to say we’re budget conscious (most of the time).

I can’t take credit for this find, Amanda picked out this winner. This dress is cute, comfortable, affordable, and most importantly it came in both our sizes. Fun story about how the shoot went: we’re in our cute dresses, on location, snapping, posing, and pop goes the strap on Amanda’s sandal. No worries champions adjust, we soldier through this wardrobe malfunction. But Satan was busy, because just like that there goes the other shoe, “Down goes Fraizer!” But we’re still not deterred, Kaneisha (my amazeballs photographer) shoots very strategically from that point on and we wrapped the shoot sans two sandals. The lesson here guys, have a dope photographer and leave  an extra pair of shoes in car, you’ll almost always need them.


Before Shoemageddon
Just in the middle of the street for no reason at all, just before Shoemageddon. This was our best frolic, cause it isn’t really a frolic. Talk about an epic fail…lol

I can’t wait until the next shoot in the #makemysize #makeoursize series; swimwear is  next. There’s sure be some shenanigans there, a rogue boob falls out, a strap pops, nipples overactive, it will be epic, stay tuned.



Look details:


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  1. I really enjoyed your very well-written article and your fab photos. Goodness only knows why the fashion industry is taking so long to wake up the fact that we women come in all shapes and sizes and that no matter our size we all want to dress well. Loving the golden polka dot dress, btw.

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  2. You guys are the cutest! I love that you guys coordinated together but I need this industry to wake up and change and make more sizes for all!

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