This weekend I had the opportunity to see, not one, but two of the best artist on the planet perform: Beyoncé and Jay-Z!!!  So of course I had to show up and show out for the King and Queen. This post will feature my twin sister, Alexzandria, she was my date for the evening. I styled her for the concert as well. Sorry guys we didn’t twin on the outfits this time around but that’s coming soon.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Concert Outfits

Beyoncé and Jay-Z concert outfit

I wanted to be cute and comfy for the show so I opted for jeans and a simple top, well this is my version of simple, hahaha. The top is actually a bathing-suit I picked up at the Nordstrom anniversary sale, which is still in full swing until August 5th ladies and gents. So don’t walk run to the sale, online and in stores.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z concert outfit

The top is from Topshop (that’s the brand, Nordstrom’s carries their line), it sold out within minutes of my purchase. Have no fear ladies I’ve found you alternatives as usual here and here. The jeans are an Amazon find. I wanted something edgy to go with my “subdued” top…lol

Amazon never disappoints, you can find the jeans here. If distressed jeans don’t give you the edge you need, I don’t know what does?!?! These jeans are a great fit which isn’t always easy to find given my new found curves. The tears/rips in the jeans are well placed, I think they will hold form after a few washes.

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

The bag was an Amazon Prime Day purchase. Yay Amazon Prime Day, because I snagged this baby at 30% off! It’s currently back at it’s retail price but still well worth it in my humble opinion, you can find it here. This bag is so on trend without the trendy price tag. Circular bags are all the rage these days if you haven’t noticed. This girl will definitely have this one on repeat for the rest of the season and beyond.


Last but certainly not least, the crown jewel of this whole look are THE SHOES!!! These shoes are by Alejandro Ingelmo. One of my favorite designers. I love, love, love his shoes, super sexy, not necessarily in the budget, but Very Necessary, wink, wink. You can find them here.

I always have fun styling my twin sister because I’ll know exactly what I will look like when I borrow her clothes…lol

Alex wanted to keep it “simple” and within budget, I did my best. She is sporting a duster I found at Revolve.com . Sadly it too was a hot ticket item and sold out very quickly. But have no fear you can find a similar and affordable alternative here.

Her cut off shorts are by Old Navy, see I can do budgets when necessary, that’s an easy enough find. The shoes are Sam Edelman, you can find a similar style here. I love Sam Edelman shoes because they are very comfortable; some of the most comfy high heels I own. He places extra padding at all the right places, the ball of the foot and the heel making his shoes a go to for me. Yes we wore our heels the entire time.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z concert outfit

We showed up for the King and Queen and they did not disappoint. They gave us some of everything, some of their greatest hits, together and apart, and of course their most recent collaboration Ape Sh%t; that’s how we ended the night. I had the pleasure of witnessing, arguably one of the most talented husband and wife acts’ ever perform LIVE!!!  Words can not express just how exciting it was to see, the greatest entertainer alive and the greatest rapper alive perform for me (and the other 80,000+ people in the stadium)!!! It was an experience I will remember forever.



Photo credit goes to the ladies at Dynamic Duo Images.

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