BCBG dress

Hail to the Chief, CEO and Queen, is what they’ll say when you walk into the boardroom in this dress. This is most certainly how you slay the boardroom. I picked this dress up on whim at A whim that just happened to be 40 % off sale with a discount code. Always find a discount code ladies and gents, paying retail price is for losers! Retail Me Not is a trusted friend.

The BCBG Dress

BCBG dressBCBG dress

This show stopper isn’t for the faint of heart, you’ll really have to own it when you rock this one. And speaking of owning the look for a hot second I felt compelled to straighten my hair. Playing into the thinking that straight hair might look more “professional.” I talked myself right out of that idea and I’m glad I did. My natural curl is ok, it’s what God gave me and as long as it’s neat and well groomed, JUST DO IT, like Nike. The right self talk is so important ladies, I’m realizing that more than ever these days.

Now back to the dress.

This probably wouldn’t be my first choice for a conservative office setting, but I’m a risk taker, wear a blazer just case you get the side-eye from the boss. In a creative office setting this look would receive major kudos. And you will feel like Andy in the Devil Wears Prada when she finally got it together…lol You know where you work, use your best judgement. Light khaki is perfect for the summer months and into early fall if you’re the daring type and I am. I’m a huge risk taker when it comes to fashion. This dress is somewhat sheer, no lining, so a slip or nude seamless undergarments are a must.

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Pair this dress with the perfect print, preferably cheetah, as shown below, and it’s a look guys. The shoes are Giuseppe Zanotti, an anniversary gift purchased by me on Amazon but my husband bought them; ladies we all know how that goes. The clutch was purchased so long ago I can’t remember where I picked it up, but a cheetah print clutch is an easy find. In fact one of my favorite IG designers, Cortineelizabeth, makes the most darling clutches and purses. Check her out here. This isn’t one of her designers but I’m a huge fan of her bags.

This dress also transitions well from day to night.

It’s perfect for cocktails or a rooftop affair. The only con to this dress is… it wrinkles quite a bit when you sit as shown in the last shot below. Normally I’d edit that out but I wanted you guys to see the dress in its truest form. Not a deal-breaker for me at all, still worth the buy in my humble opinion. Just sit “pretty” as my grandmother would say.

BCBG dressDSC02270BCBG dressGiuseppe Zanotti shoes

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As usual photo credit goes to the incomparable ladies at @dynamicduoimages.

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