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We recently adopted a denim everyday dress code at work, YAY, RIGHT, WRONG!! Since the rollout I’ve witnessed some of the saddest mom and dad jean tragedies to my fashion forward little eyes.

To be fair the firm rolled out the plan with very little guidance other than, no holes, rips, or tears. What they neglected to say is, please do not wear any balloon booty, baggy knee, saggy crotch, worn out things you mow the lawn or garden in jeans. That little piece of advice didn’t make the company memo.

So in the spirit of sharing and caring here’s my take how to do white denim on the J.O.B (workwear) and another option for when it’s time to have a little fun. Look at you winning, two looks, one post! How’d you get so lucky?!?!

White Denim Workwear

If it wasn’t clear by now I’m somewhat partial to white, especially during the Summer. There’s something so cool, clean and effortlessly sophisticated about it, I love it!

White Denim Workwear White Denim Workwear DSC01573

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Let’s start at the top.

Who doesn’t love a good pair of aviator’s. This particular pair is by Michael Kors. The earrings are Kate Spade, may she may rest in peace. These studs are the perfect size for work. Big enough to get you noticed, and just the right amount of color for that wow-factor you want. And small enough your boss isn’t giving you the side-eye, not the look you want.

Can we talk about this necklace?!?!

It’s a Banana Republic purchase. They know how to do a statement necklace and this one is a stunner; non-stop compliments. The details to a necklace I’ve had my eye on can be found here.

White Denim Workwear

There’s nothing like a crisp white button down.

The tuxedo ruffles on this one give you a little something extra. Yes this is another Banana Republic purchase! Stop by BR’s shirt shop for the ladies; they have four different fits. I’m sure you’ll find something that works.

White Denim Workwear

White Denim Workwear

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my on trend bamboo purse. No it isn’t a Cult Gaia (the brand that started the bamboo accessory trend) simply because like most things I found a perfectly acceptable dupe on Amazon, here.

architectural bag

Old Navy White Jeans

It’s rough trying to find the perfect pair of “work jeans”, so when I found these jeans at Old Navy’s, in their Rock Star fit I was over the moon. Thru the years I have developed a few curves and this particular fit compliments the junk in the trunk and my child-bearing hips very well. So if you have a peach like mines get a pair. You can’t beat the price either, super affordable.

White Denim Workwear

And last but certainly not least, the shoes.

The metallic yumminess of these oxfords give me so much life. A another BR purchase, sadly they’re no longer available, sorry ladybugs. I’ll update you all if and when something similar becomes available. Bask in the beauty that is them (follow me on Instagram for the update).


If you’re anything like me, you like to look good when you dress down as well. The centerpiece of this look is the top. You simply cannot beat the price for the amount of style you get for this top, the one-shoulder bolder is a look I enjoy. I picked this up at H&M and I’m so glad I did non-stop compliments. You can find the details here.

I am a certified sneaker-head, athletic, fashion, I’m hear for it all! I picked these up last summer during Nordstrom’s annual mega sale, $23.99, by TopShop. Sadly these are no longer available but a perfectly suitable pair of similar kicks can be found here.

Until next time ladybugs!



Photo credit goes to the lovely ladies at Dynamic Duo Images.

3 thoughts on “Denim: Work & Play

  1. Am crazy about the metallic oxfords. And I love your blog! EY has gone jeans everyday? How cool!

  2. Love love love this post. Denim day was implemented at my job recently and we have every bit of hot mess you mentioned above. There is a method to denim at work, I definitely appreciate the gems dropped. I can see myself in all white outfit for sure.

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