One of our dedicated supporters noticed I pulled a Tiffany Haddish, a fashion faux pas, clutch you’re pearls, oh no she didn’t offense… The crime, I wore a statement piece twice and I was photographed in it. The first time I wore said cardigan was during a 2018 photoshoot in Dallas, TX. I dusted her off again for our recent Black History Month photo shoot. The cardigan is as old as the blog. It’s only right that she is the star in this edition of “Shop Your Closet.”


There are so many reasons you should give the clothes in your closet another spin around the block. First you’re not a celebrity no one remembers or cares that you wore that dress twice. Second it makes sense from an economic and sustainability perspective. Third we may be on the brink of another Cold War with Russia. Buying new clothes will be the last thing on the to do list.

If the US imposes any of the sanctions reported, gas prices will skyrocket, and we’ll be paying $20 a gallon on gas. Californians might not even flinch at that kind of increase they already pay something close to that right now…lol All I know is Russia is super annoying right now and I need them to chill; it’s upsetting to me and my homegirls. Ok that ends my take on geo-political matters, back to the fashion.

The ideology behind “Shopping Your Closet” is simple. Use the classics, staples, and/or signature pieces in your wardrobe to create countless looks. This keeps people guessing and you appear to be the most fashion forward person in your circle; assuming you care about that sort of thing and since you’re here I’m gonna go out on limb and say you do. The fringe cardigan was a statement piece; a $60 purchase. I’ve dressed this sweater up, down, and side ways; let’s just say I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of this garment.

Buy pieces you see as a long term investment.

Why do I talk about clothes like they are actual assets? Because they are, there I said it, moving on. But seriously making an investment in something as simple as layering pieces, i.e. tanks in different colors… A skirt that flatters your figure, i.e. an A-line skirt for my hip conscious mamas, a pencil skirt for the girls with a little less in that area… A blazer that transitions from day to night easily. The point is when you do make a purchase analyze the cost benefit (clearly I’ve been around accountants and lawyers way too long), you maximize your wears and your coins when you do. I will leave you with that gem on Tip Twosday 2022. I had to sneak that in there some how, why am I like this…lol.

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  1. Lol I love the Twosday at the end! I got excited when I realized it was Twosday too! Also I love that you talk about the importance of shopping your closet! It really is the best thing!

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