HELLO 2022

Hey guys it’s been a while since I’ve posted on the blog, but as you can imagine life has been life’ing in a major way. The New Year started off a little rocky for the Beale’s, Covid-19 invaded my house. The whole house contracted that good ole Omarion (Omicron variant). Because black people play entirely too much and have zero chill we’ve dubbed the Omicron variant, the “Omarion” (R&B Singer, B2K) virus/variant for obvious reasons. “Omarion” Touched down on our house January 1st and I didn’t start feeling like myself until late last week. Of course the husband and kids bounced back in like 2.5 days; I took a little longer.

woman walking in the snow welcoming HELLO 2022
The Mega Kuei in the snow!!

Long Haul Covid

It was scary and disappointing to end up with Covid considering we’ve been so vigilant during the pandemic, wearing our mask, social distancing, quarantining when necessary, and getting vaccinated. Disappointing because no matter how vigilant you are, there’s no real safe place unless you stay inside and limit your interactions with the outside world to the bare minimum. Scary because I didn’t want to end up with any Long Haul Covid symptoms-loss of smell, taste, fatigue, dependent on oxygen just to breathe. Long Haul Covid is real. I personally know folks who are suffering with these long term symptoms. I didn’t want any of it and so far I’m not experiencing any of symptoms, thank God. I’m just happy to back in the land of the living.

Woman under the snow hello 2022
Yes the bag is almost as big as me.

HELLO 2022

We’re starting 2022 off BIG, with a big bag that is; the Mega Kuei by Brandon Blackwood #blackgirllux. Mr. Blackwood didn’t come to play in 2022, during the first week of the January, Brandon Blackwood released a ridiculously large purse, if you even want to call that. It’s really a magnificent piece of luggage doubling as a purse; just the right amount of extravagance I want to exude in 2022. For the last two years we’ve all been in survival mode, it’s time to thrive ladies and gents! Does this over the top “purse” scream thrive maybe, maybe not, but it sure does make me blissfully happy every time I look at it.

You can fit a small/medium sized toddler, all your family’s crap they just can’t seem to fit into their pockets or bags, and a computer; cause what’s life without you laptop these days. She’s hefty when fully loaded, you will end up with Michelle Obama arms if you carry her regularly. The interior is made of high quality leather. The exterior is the softest shearling you’ll ever touch on a bag but durable enough for regular use. And I plan to use Ms. Kuei as often as possible. If you want splurge on a little something, something for the New Year, do it with the Mega Kuei.

Outfit Details:

The Bag: The star of the show, the Mega Kuei.

Coat: Sam Edelman (sold out)

Sweater: Banana Republic (Currently on super sale)

Shoes: Mr. Smith Oxfords

Pants: Old Ann Taylor

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