I recently attended one of thee premiere fashion events in D.C. Just days ago Anifa Mvuemba’s (Hanifa) held her very first live runway show at the National Portrait Gallery. The show was live streamed and recorded for the rest of the world, you can watch it here. I can be seen at the 1 hour 24 minute mark of the video. Don’t blink you might miss me, lol. I’m the vision in winter white but this isn’t all about me.


Ms. Mvuemba did not come to play, she came to slay. The show’s theme- HANIFA A DREAM IN DC lived up to the hype. You couldn’t ask for a better canvas than the Portrait Gallery. The show was a grandiose display of black girl magic. The models ranged in size and color. Ya’ll already know how I feel about size inclusion, I will die on that fashion-hill a thousand times. More than 400 guest were in attendance. I mean anybody who’s anybody in fashion and style was there. Yes I got the invite, this baby blogger is moving up in the world. My look for the even was even mention worthy, check out the article on Hello Beautiful.

Pyer Moss- fashion designer, Neffi Walker- creator of the Black Home, queen of décor and all things beautiful, Angela Rye- political pundit/style and changemaker. I stood right behind Angela (she was seated, I was standing with the rest of the chattel reporting on the event). I was totally unbothered by that, honestly I was just happy to be there. Not only was I there, I was breathing the same air as Angela Rye and Pyer Moss, and Neffi (we’re best friends in my head). I’m still on cloud 9. Claire Sulmers- founder of Fashionbombdaily was also there. And we’re not going to gloss over the fact that I was in the same room with Ms.Sulmers twice in less than a month, let’s just let that ruminate for a second, ok I’m done. Now about the show…

Pieces from the Collection

The pieces ranged from everyday knits (her signature) to we’re going to see that on the red carpet very soon. I saw a lot more denim in the show than I’ve seen her do, which was a welcomed change. We had date night, red carpet and TV show appearances all in one fashion show. Now that’s what I call versatility. Revisiting the model selection for a second, I love that she intentionally choose women of color for the show. Again black girl magic was on full display. I was hoping the short everyday girl would get a shot, by that I mean me, the fun size (5’3″ 140 pounds) crew. That demographic hasn’t exactly taken off in the fashion world…

Here are three of my favorites from the show. A little grainy I know but your girl was excited!

Again not complaining I wasn’t in the show, I was truly honored just to be there. As many of you know I’m a huge champion of the brand. Watching her dream come to fruition has been fun. Ever since Anifa made history debuting her 2020 Pink Label collection via a virtual 3-D fashion show I’ve been hooked. And for good reason she hasn’t stopped bringing the fashion community to their knees since. My knees are ashy as they get, evidence below. All hail Queen Anifa, may her reign be long and prosperous.

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  1. Don’t worry you will be the next seated celeb with people admiring you from behind. Keep pushing forward and doing what you do…I can’t wait to hear my friend’s name amongst the celeb stylists and bloggers!

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