My favorite color in the world is blue. Almost any shade of blue, but my absolute favorite is royal blue. If you’re a love language person I think that’s my color. Royal blue is cool, calm, commanding. At the same time it is bold, beautiful, and dare I say regal… It speaks to me in so many ways, I just love it!

Royal Blue Look

Royal Blue Look

This royal blue look encompasses some old and new pieces. First let’s talk about this hat! It’s old believe or not. And I know right, it is EVERYTHING! You guys are going to kill me because it’s no longer available. I picked it up at Barney’s during their year-end sale, last year (covers face in shame). I searched the internet high and low for something comparable by way of price and style and came up with this and this. Because I didn’t want to leave you without any style inspiration.

Royal Blue LookRoyal Blue Look

I picked up the coat last season as well during ASOS year-end sale. So if you’re smart which I know you all are, you’re noticing a trend, hold on to your coins to the end of the season folks, you catch the best sales during those times. The coat is actually made by Mango. They carry some of the most bold, fun, and creative outer-wear on the market. I found some fun alternatives here and here.

steve madden bboots

The boots are the only new piece for me believe it or not.

I love Steve Madden shoes! You simply can’t beat the price point or quality when it comes to moderately priced shoe lines. Mama definitely had her eyes on a pair of Stuart Weitzman’s boots, but my pocketbook talked me down off that ledge…lol

The names they give these shoes, meet Dakota folks! She comes in brown and black and are super comfy. A bit narrow so if you have wide feet or thick calves you may want to size up; a whole size up to be clear.

Thanks for checking in and for your continued support as I navigate the blogger-sphere.

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