Hey gang, it’s May, we’re still on lockdown but there’s so much to be grateful for. Here are few things I’m looking forward to…

My wedding anniversary!!!

This year marks nine years of martial bliss. Marriage isn’t easy but it’s totally worth it. It’s a lot of loving, give and take, conceding, arguing about stupid stuff, forgiving one another after you’ve had some time to cool off about said stupid stuff. And sometimes, sadly, it’s about grieving together. My father-in-law passed away last week. It caught us all off guard. He’s survived so much so we didn’t expect he would pass away so suddenly, nor did we know he was so ill.

I’m heartbroken for my husband, his siblings, and step-mother. Just going to the funeral will present an extra layer of anxiety due to travel restrictions. You can’t even grieve normally anymore. I think we can all agree Corona sucks. I had plans to make this a special anniversary celebration, now I want to make it extra special. Despite enduring such a great loss, it’s also gives us an opportunity to take stock of what we have and be GRATEFUL for what we have, each other.

Cinco De Mayo.

Mexican culture is one of my favorites. The food, the people, the music, it’s all a wonderful assault on the senses and I’m here for it all. And let’s face it we could all use a shot of Tequila at this point. I’m making shrimp tacos with The Funny Momma tonight you should join her Instagram live if you’re free, this woman cracks me up for reals. Grateful for her and the margaritas we finna mix up. Just an FYI Sombreros, tequila, and tacos have nothing to do with the purpose of Cinco De Mayo, see a funny and condensed history lesson here. You’re welcome!

Last but certainly not least it’s Teacher Appreciation Week!!!

Hence my especially studious look for this post. I’m channeling chic nerd here but I digress, this about the teachers. I am especially thankful for my first teachers, my parents. They both have/had an incredible work ethic; moms retired, dad can’t seem to sit still. They both showed us how far hard work and a little dedication can go, for that I will be eternally grateful.

Teacher Appreciation Week Chic Nerd Vibes
Studious or Nah???

Big news I’m running a Teacher Appreciation Week giveaway on my Instagram page. Like the post, follow me, Omneisia of Ocessories, and tag your favorite teacher for a chance for them to win this set of Ocessories beaded bracelets and an Amazon gift card. Visit my feed to see complete details.

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I sincerely hope everyone is doing well. Life in quarantine has been taxing on us all. Check on your extroverted friends, they are not ok…lol. We’ve all been trying to manage as well as we can. One of the ways I’ve been coping is by imagining life post-quarantine. Where will I go? What will I see? What will I do once outside reopens? Most importantly (for a fashionista) what will I be wearing on all my adventures post lockdown?! I’ve been prepping for my spring debut ya’ll. Oh what a show I’m going to put on?!

Some people don’t mind spending a few more pennies on that yummy potato bread whereas others could care less. They just need something to hold the meat and  cheese together. The same applies to fashion, some of us are more discerning than others. One thing is for sure we shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for affordability, there’s a happy medium and that’s where fast fashion comes in.

Fast Fashion Picks

I tend to do a little dance between lux and affordable pieces. This look is a prime example of the Cha Cha slide I do between lux and affordable.

fast fashion picks
fast fashion picks

Here are my top picks on fast fashion brands, IG (Instagram) Boutiques, and online stores I’ve come to know and love.

My Online Loves



If you know me, you know I’m a certified sneaker head. Don’t let the ultra chic clothes and shoes I pose and prance around in fool you.  Either I’m dressed to the nines or I look like a 5th Ave. hobo (5th Ave NYC- the street that features every high brand/designer known to man). 5th Ave hobos just dress better, it’s 5th Ave they have to, I don’t make the rules.

Air Jordan Sneaker Collection

Since we’re all cooped up in our homes I figured there was no better time to show off my babies- my modest sneaker collection. By why of collections I’d say this is rather subdued. There are crazy people who have hundreds of pairs of sneakers. I’m not one of those crazy people (at least not for that reason), I may have 20 pairs tops.

Sneaker Love - Air Jordan Sneaker Collection

I love all kinds of sneakers, fashion, athletic, I’m here for it all.

But the Air Jordan brand holds a very special place in my heart. Being one of nine children I’m total (my parents kept going after they separated) there wasn’t a whole lot of money for $100+ sneakers. Although I think it had more to do with the fact that my dad refused to put another dime into Nike’s pockets especially when kids starting killing each other for them in the hood. My mother was no help either, she hates sneakers, she thinks they are ugly. She might own two pair, if that. She was willing to buy me any dress shoe I wanted but she could not bring herself to buy a pair of ‘ugly sneakers’, in her words.

My lil Air Jordan Sneaker Collection
Sneaker Head Paradise
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Cute Is Not Cancelled

Hey guys! I hope everyone is maintaining during this difficult time. I have to admit I started to become a bit undone last week with working remotely, setting up full-on distance learning, working out our finances, and no vacation. Admittedly these are all first world problems. I am extremely grateful to have a job that allows me to work remotely, kids who aren’t in the early years of primary school (God help those parents, just keeping my kids on task has been a challenge) and an amazing partner and husband who makes sure I don’t spend all the money. I’m definitely among the fortunate.

However I can’t say I’m not a bit disappointed about missing out on a few things. I was really looking forward to a well-deserved vacation and some time at the beach. And I love the feeling of sand between my toes. Don’t ask me to going camping, glamping or hiking, because the answer will most assuredly be, no, no thank you. I’d have to like you a WHOLE lot to do any of those things for fun. No sir, give me a white sandy beach, a drank or four, nothing to do but maybe read and I’m happy as a bug in rug.

So how do you deal with all this disappointment?

One sure-fire way is by keeping up with your routine. Don’t stop doing the normal things; shower, brush your teeth. Another way is not forgetting to take care of YOU. A little bit of selfcare goes a long way. If I’m being completely honest I may have gotten dressed-dressed, once in the last 3 weeks. Sweats and hoodies don’t equate to getting dressed for me. And let’s not even talk about this hair. It’s been in some variation of a messy bun or messy fro since we’ve been on lockdown. I finally decided enough is enough. I’m going to get my entire life together. So I washed and dried my hair. I washed, braided, and beaded Laila’s hair too. I was on a roll. But I stopped short of flat ironing my own hair so I could record a little product review on one of my favorite hair straightening tools, the Kim Kimble Vapor Infusion flat-iron; hit the link below for my product review video.
Kim Kimble Vapor Infusion flat iron


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Teal Tufted Couch


My chic living room

The cleanest my house has been in ages. I actually live in my house… sue me

Full disclosure this post contains affiliate links, if you make a purchase I will be compensated.

Hey guys this one is long overdue. I started drafting this post just as the Coronavirus began interrupting everyone’s lives. For the past week and a half I’ve been adjusting to my new normal and I’ve straight up neglected my baby, my blog.

That happened for a number of reasons. First I felt like who cares about style and fashion right now, as I’ve been living in pjs, sweats, and hoodies myself. But then I read something on social media that said during the quarantine in London several lifetimes ago, William Shakespeare wrote King Lear. Please make no mistake I am not comparing my blog post to the literary gifts of Shakespeare but my words, pictures, and insights might just brighten someone’s day. So I’m back at it, ladies and gents and I’m here for the long haul. Stay safe, healthy, and happy. And say a prayer for all “the essential workforce” out there, cause Corona and Jesus are everywhere…lol

This blog post was drafted pre-Corona

Hey hey hey!!! We’re halfway through March already! Can you believe it?! I know we say this a lot but time is FLYYYYYING!!! I’m loving all the amazing Women’s History Month events, art, music and dope content that’s made its way to my social media timelines. It’s a lovefest for women and I love it. It’s nothing like witnessing a glow-up.

My Chic Living Room

Speaking of glow-ups I’ve had my own miniature glow-up in the form of a mini/major home improvement. I finally bit the bullet and bought an adult couch. Say hello to Betty ya’ll. Yes, I give inanimate objects names; cars, couches, kitchen appliances, it’s what I do 🤷🏽‍♀️. Betty seems like a very grownup name right?! Lol

My chic living room | Wayfair Couch- Teal and Tufted
My chic living room.

I purchased Betty online at Wayfair.

This wasn’t my first purchase on Wayfair. I purchased my dining rooms chairs as well as several other household items from Wayfair. You could say Wayfair and I have some “history.” They never disappoint. I can always expect quality products and on time and careful delivery. They are the best!!!

My chic living room
This is my dramatic and exhausted pose… Am I selling this well or nah?

My chic living room before and after
The chic living room before and after

I deliberated over this purchase for the better part of a year, mostly because I wanted a chocolate brown couch like Betty. But for some reason, the brown couches were way out of my budget; so I settled. I never settle, fatal flaw of mine. If it’s not exactly what I want, how I want it, I seldom cave. But I did in this case and the results weren’t terrible. I was trying to create the magic in the picture, on the left (designed by Maureen Mahon). And I think I nailed it. I protect Betty from my wayward family with this amazing couch cover I picked up from Amazon. It comes in a variety of colors so if you have kids or pets this is a good look.

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I love the month of February for a plethora of reasons. First it’s Black History Month and I love US. We also get some of the best fashion of the year for V-day. Let me be clear Valentine’s day is for suckers! I do not approve of the commercialism of it all and I want flowers and love everyday…lol And that’s my PSA for the day. But I do get a kick out of all the pink, red, and burgundy looks that come my way. It’s a wonderful assault on the senses. And we can talk about all the floral arrangements and installations that will most certainly flood our time lines this week.

Pretty In Pink
Taking over Lee’s Flowers Gift Shop!

Lee’s Flower Gift Shop

If you live in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) you can have the most beautiful flowers delivered to you from Lee’s Flower and Card Shop anytime you want and I want ALL THE FLOWERS. Lee’s has in been in business since 1945, it’s a black owned, family business in the heart of the district.

I stopped into Lee’s for some rose petals and flowers for the look you see before you. And as good fortune would have it I stumbled into the cutest little gift shop I ever did see. The space was curated so beautifully, I had to ask if I could take a few pics in the shop for this look. The owner humbly obliged. Everyone was so hospitable and welcoming. I really love US!!!. They have a new forever customer in me!

I also discovered the dopiest all natural/eco friendly air fresheners, laundry detergent and cleaning supplies. The shop features an all natural line called Eco Daisy Home by Dr. Priscilla Johnson. Dr. Johnson is sprinkling her black girl magic all over us with her bomb air fresheners and household supplies, y’all better get into it. Rest assured a product review is coming your way.

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The Arrival

What can I say about this coat?! For starters I need another coat like I need a hole in my head…lol But here we are with yet another fab and fun frock.

The Arrival Blanknyc

I just couldn’t resist the urge on this one. I was a bit hesitant about buying this coat especially since some of the biggest influencers and stylist in the game have been photographed in this very same coat. But clearly it wasn’t just intended for them so I went ahead and grabbed that thang right off of Nordstrom.com.

This is a BlankNYC special.

BlankNYC dubbed this beauty the “Arrival.

Chile they can do some faux fur let me TELL YOU!!! And they certainly didn’t disappoint with the Arrival.

Sherpa Hoodie

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The Godfrey Hotel


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Meaning if you purchase something, mama gets paid. 

Hello Darlings!!!

Much to my chagrin this is my first post for the new year. But I’ve been busy with home improvements, upgrading the blog, traveling; you know just living life. It hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine! I was in three, yes three, different car incidents: an uninsured driver hit me, than someone hit the rental car I was driving while waiting on my car repairs (a hit and run in front of my house they did not leave their information) and I hit a parked car. Let me explain that one. I was driving my husbands truck, a Suburban, which I’m usually pretty good at maneuvering but I thought Obama (that’s what we named our Suburban, yes we name our cars) had more room but alas he did not.

The end of 2019 hit hard, literally. I was defeated for like a day, than I bounced back. After all I have a fabulous life to lead. We can’t let a few bumps in the road derail this freight train.

Our Trip to Chicago

2020 began with a little/big trip to Chicago aka The CHI. I say little because we were still state side and it was a quickie. Big because this was a surprise and a sports bucket list trip for my husband.

I enlisted my brother-in-law Dre (seated at the head of the table in the pic below) to help me with my little the surprise. He agreed to be apart of my ruse. We came up with a “boys trip” to Chicago for a Bulls game. Let me just say I’m not surprising anyone, with anything, ever again!!! Whatever I do moving forward for anyone, you’re going know about it and you’ll be happy with your gift, whatever it is.

trip to Chicago Morton's Steakhouse Dinner picture
Dinner at the Original Morton’s Steakhouse…

Trying to keep this trip under wraps (and not have it turn into a real boys trip) was no small feat, I failed. I inevitably hurt some feelings, which wasn’t my intent, but feelings were hurt nonetheless. The whole purpose of the trip was for my amazing, hard-working, incredibly deserving husband to have a once in a life time experience. Mission accomplished despite the drama. He had a blast and that’s the only thing that really matters. He saw his beloved Bulls fall to the Boston Celtics but we checked another item off the old bucket list. Yay us!!

trip to Chicago The Godfrey Hotel
No more monkeys jumping on the bed…

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HELLO 2020

This is my last blog post for the year. The last post for the decade, if you can believe that!! It will be 2020 in just a few hours. I know I’m not alone when I say, how in the heck did we get here?! My life has changed dramatically in the last ten years. We bought a house, got married and I gave birth to one of the most amazing humans in the world (Laila); not necessarily in that order. I continue to fall deeper in love with my amazing husband. I’ve also been blessed to watch my oldest daughter (Sanaa) turn into a little woman; despite my best efforts. I would like my baby back, please and thank you.

2020 Plans

I won’t begin to speculate on what will happen in the decade to come. We plan but God laughs. I sincerely hope and pray it brings about real peace and happiness for everyone I know and love. One thing I know for sure is that I’m going to keep bringing you guys style, beauty, fashion and a little bit of laughter. I want to thank you all for supporting IVN. Your feedback, encouragement, and support keeps us going. I’m looking forward to the New Year! We have big plans for 2020, so stay tuned. On that note here are a few looks to take you into the New Year and beyond.

Is That Velvet?!

Believe it or not, this dress was a gift from my cousin’s closet. For some odd reason she didn’t want it anymore and I immediately said yes to the dress, pun intended. One woman’s trash is another one’s treasure. You can find something similar here.

plans for 2020plans for 2020

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Red Alert! Red Alert! It’s celebration season y ‘all. The galas, soirées, dinners, and fundraisers are abundant. And with this comes the dreaded question, what do I wear? Do I buy something new? Do I pull an oldie but goodie out of the closet? Maybe something vintage? The answer is yes, yes, yes, and yes!!! That’s exactly what I did with this look. You can rock this look at a Friends-giving event or your first dinner with HIS family. No matter where you decide to rock this, this look is pure FIRE!!! It just made sense for us to shoot at a fire house. I think we kinda nailed it…lol

faux fur stole

faux fur stole

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