Cyrkle Lomax


In the concluding piece of my sit down with Cyrkle Lomax, we got into some deeper topics. We also got a glimpse of Cyrkle, THE WOMAN. It’s only a peek because we got layers over here ya’ll.  How does she keep it all together? Check out the final part of our discussion below.

 Queen Cyrkle Lomax

IVN: Let’s talk about Cyrkle, the actress, author, educator, mother, partner, daughter, sister, aunty… How does a Cyrkle keep it all together? I know it takes a village.

CL: It definitely takes a village. But I also invest in myself in therapy so I can get my stuff out, because the REAL is that we are all flawed and if we’re going to stand in front of children, it’s imperative not to take out your issues out on children. They’re just figuring it out. You should have figured it out already. And if you haven’t figured it out, that’s what therapy’s for. But I’m just have an amazing village in my parents, my children’s father, my significant other. I really have an amazing support system.

I’m also just very transparent about where I am when it comes to socializing. If I’m not in the mood to connect with people because I’m using that energy to connect and lead a school throughout the week; I’m very transparent and honest about that. I just have to say NO. No is my favorite word.

IVN: (LOL) No is a complete sentence despite what people think.

CL: Right. Now if it’s someone that I really care about, they know why I’m saying no and sometimes I’ll give them an explanation, i.e. I have professional thing, I’ve had a tough week at school, I have another obligation that I need to prepare for, sorry no. I create boundaries, that, and a very, very, strong support system is how I keep it all together.

IVN: That’s awesome. It’s really important that we (working mothers) create boundaries. Do you have any projects you’re working on? You did a one woman show, The Queens Chains, a little bit over a year and a half ago. Are you doing another show? You have to do another show! (Squeals in excitement)


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Here’s the back story on my little love affair with Ms. Cyrkle Lomax. I met Cyrkle circa 2014-2015. She taught my eldest child Sanaa at Excel Academy. Sanaa would come home raving about how cool Ms. Lomax was. She said she was a lot like me. Small but mighty, a disciplinarian, that played ZERO games with the kids.

She commands respect but gives it willingly and in abundance when it’s is deserved and earned. She has an endearing quality, that children, my child specifically gravitated towards. Sanaa has never connected with an adult outside of our family the way she did with Cyrkle. When we finally met, I could see why. She was all those things and more.


When she introduced herself, she was so sincere, “Hi my name is Cyrkle, like the shape”, because her name is spelled non-traditionally and to ensure you didn’t misunderstand what she just said, that was indeed her name, the intro was necessary. I immediately thought I love the creativity of black folk, we sure will recreate something real quick, but I love it, it was unique just like her.

When she left Excel for bigger and better things, there were definitely tears from all her babies; Sanaa included. Sanaa and I, aren’t what you call big criers, so if this kid was in tears over a teacher you know the love was real. The love has remained real. We’ve cheered her on when she starred in her very own, one woman show, The Queen’s Chains, which received rave reviews. Purchased her memoir Love Addict, it sits on my coffee table beside Michelle Obama’s Becoming.

We celebrate our educators during the first week of May during what is affectionately called, “Teacher Appreciation Week.” This year I wanted to highlight this special woman. We met at our “local” Starbucks and chatted about a whole lot of things. Check out the Q&A below. We got in to so much during our little “tea session” I had to split the conversation into two parts, so stay tuned, this is a two-parter.

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