Hey Gang!!! This post has been a loooooooooong time coming and I’m NOT sorry. I’ve been living my best life…lol, I have neglected the blog, putting most of my energy into my other social media platforms. But that all changes now. You can expect much MORE content on the blog moving forward. Even if it’s a quick check-in or update, there will be more.

Remember when I said I’ve been living my best life? Well, I wasn’t lying. I checked off a huge bucket list item this year, I went to Greece. This was my second international trip since the pandemic started, last year then we went to Jamaica for a wedding. I also took a quick trip to Aruba, a post for another day.

You can definitely tell we’re getting closer to an endemic.

Last year facemask and proof of a negative Covid-19 test were a travel REQUIREMENT, this year not so much. Wearing a mask is optional (I wore a mask on both flights and in large group settings) since the requirement for a negative test result is out the window. I have to say that was a bit unsettling. Knowing everyone on the flight at least attempted to do their part made me feel safer flying. Now it’s the wild west. I suppose we’re reaching towards to a new normal, so I’ll stow my anxious thoughts and take all my future flights masked up. Boom travel anxiety issue cured.

Enough about my travel anxieties let’s get into this trip to Greece. Needless to say, I had a blast. Greece has been on my bucket list FOREVER!!! Amazing cuisine, hospitable people (except maybe the ferry ride, I’ll get into that later) and calmest and most relaxing beaches anyone could ask for.


We started our trip in Athens, the “we” in this story consist of my twin sister Alex and my cousin Jacqueline. I left on Saturday afternoon and arrived early Sunday morning which was perfect because I slept most of the flight. I woke up to the most beautiful sunrise. Nothing beats a window seat!

aircraft wings to Greece

I landed in Athens around 11 am. Meet up with Alex and Jack and we were off. We stayed the Coco Mat Jumelle. There are several Coco Mat locations throughout Athens, we stayed at two different properties (the second was the Coco Mat Athens BC), both locations were great.

Our Hotels

Both hotels had a modern, but homey feel to them. I have to say the staff was exceptional at the Coco Mat Athens BC location. Both locations had its own appeal. The Jumelle is located on what I would equate to embassy row in DC. A few cafes near buy, a mini-mart of sorts and commercial businesses lined the streets near the Juemelle. The Athens location was nestled on a busy but welcoming street. A bookstore, bakery, coffee shop, charming boutiques and restaurants are all in walking distance of the Athens BC location. The hotel doesn’t look like a hotel at all, that’s large in part because the entrance is a part of the store front for the Coco Mat’s home decor brand.

On our first night we saw all we could see. We explored the neighborhood, got a bit to eat at a bar we stumbled upon (Ruins) to cap off the night. The drinks at the Ruins were delicious, the food didn’t disappoint either. But jet lag hit hard. I may or may not have taken a brief siesta at the bar. I wasn’t sleep I was just resting my eyes. In my defense the seats were extremely comfy. It was a great first night, it ended with free desert, you couldn’t ask for a better tart.